Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning in Southern Wisconsin

We know just how easy it is for your to-do list to quickly become out of hand—and it is far too easy for gutters to take a backseat to the more pressing, visible issues around your home. Unfortunately, if you do not clean or repair your gutters, they can become consumed by leaves, twigs, and other sediment.

If this happens, when it rains, the water will be redirected. This can cause major damage to your home’s drywall, roof, basement, foundation, soffits, and fascia. Over time, it can damage the gutters themselves.

Prevent this damage and protect your home by contacting Greenway Solution. While our team does not install gutters, we can clean them out, and stop any water damage that is occurring from clogged gutters.

So How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?
The prices below represent our professional gutter cleaning service. This means we carry insurance, have the proper equipment to maintain safety at all times, and have the experiences to do the job correctly.


  •  A typical single story home of 1,500 square feet, cleaning can run between $125 and $230.
  • For a two story home no larger than 2,500 square foot $230 to $3350 for a normal cleaning.
  •  Three-story or larger than 2,500 square foot $350 to $450 for a normal cleaning