Odor Removal Servive


Car Odor Removal

Greenway solution  Odor Neutralizer destroys odors caused by microorganisms in seconds to minutes at their organic source and does not mask odors with Perfume or Fragrance based cover ups. Our solution contains NO ENZYMES or HARSH POLLUTING CHEMICALS. Odors are eliminated PERMANENTLY, and  continues to work with a long lasting residual effect.  does no harm People, Household Pets, Farm Animals and has been registered with the EPA.




Greenway solution ODOR NEUTRALIZER service can be used wherever there are odors caused by organic decay, animals, smoke, paint fumes, mildew, chemicals, or just about anything else. It is Safe, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-allergenic and Non-Masking.

•Pets / Animals

•Carpets & Fabrics

•Automotive / RV / Boat Interior and Ventilation

•Clothing & Laundry

•Health Care Facilities

•Paint / Smoke / Mildew

•Hunting & Fishing